Welcome to MARCS BabyLab


MARCS BabyLab is a non-profit University of Western Sydney Infant Research Centre for pure and applied infant research on speech perception and language acquisition.


The Seeds of Literacy


Learning to read differs markedly from learning to speak; unlike speaking, reading requires explicit instruction. Yet, there is evidence that common acoustic bases may underlie speech perception in infancy and literacy skills in childhood.

MARCS BabyLab in the Media

After months of testing babies and analysing the data gathered, our findings are written up for publication in scientific journals.
MARCS BabyLab has also attracted mainstream media attention on various occasions.


MARCS Babylab 15th Year Celebrations

“Like a child who has grown up and matured before your very eyes, it’s hard to believe the BabyLab is really 15 years old,” says MARCS BabyLab Leader Professor Burnham.