Our institution

How important the experience of a child’s first three years is far more than what we ever imagined. Every simple action in the lives of  infants and toddlers is a key basis for their future development. There is nothing more important than raising a child aged 0-3.

Psychologist of USA     Ralph White
Baby Learning Lab
        Baby Learning Lab is a professional Day Care Centre from Australia. It co-operates with the education group in Australia, NURTURE HOLDINGS, especially in the area of the education system and management.

        NURTURE HOLDINGS is one of the most well-known education groups in Australia. It has a range of academic researches about early childhood education and its own complete training systems, 8 Bambini Kindergartens (0-6 years old), Bambini Nurture Education Fund, Nurture Preschool Education Center (Early Education Agency), and ZOI Preschool Education College in early childhood education.

        It is worth mentioning that Bambini kindergarten has ever been awarded the “Prestigious National Quality Standards Award” from the Australian National Quality Standards assessment Center.

        In 2017, Baby Learning Lab has formally entered several cities in mainland China, such as Beijing and Chengdu. Based on fourteen years of Bambini’s practical experience, Baby Learning Lab also applied many related academic research findings from the University of Melbourne in early childhood education as our curriculum’s theoretical bases. Eventually we studied our own holistic growth plan that is exclusive to Chinese babies aged 1 to 3. We aim to create a warm and supportive growing environment for our babies, where also reaches an international advanced level. We believe in the educational philosophy that the early childhood educators have to respect every child and keep eyes on their intrinsic nature, in order to be able to make a personalized growth plan for our children.
BLL’s Philosophy
We are child-centered, and value the development of the children’s characteristics.
Our motivation is to give the children the best start, to give the families the best choice.
BLL’s vision
We could enable more infants and toddlers to receive high quality early childhood education, thereby affecting the future of our people, making BBL the most valuable early childhood educational institution.
Our Philosophy
Children are independent explorers,
with the ability of self-learning and skills for life.
Teachers are observers, recorders, and guides.
Parents are children’s role models and companions.
The environment is the children's third teacher.
We are aiming to cultivate this kind of BLL Baby
Honest, brave, confident, optimistic.
Healthy, happy, with a strong sense of well-being.
Empathetic and responsible
Being able to be part of their surroundings and become an effective communicator.
Being able to think independently and having enthusiasm to explore the world.
Being able to create and innovate independently.
Having the sense of rule-awareness and politeness