BLL’s Curriculum
"Children's Education does not aim to cultivate a grammarian, a logician, but to cultivate a passionate, brave, and complete gentlemen. "

"On Children's Education" [France] Michel de Montaigne
The foundation of teaching and research
Reggio Approach
Reggio Approach is an early childhood educational system praised by people in different social classes, such as education, academic and political circles from various countries. It has been named as one of the best early childhood education system in the world by Newsweek USA.

The Victoria Early Years Learning and Development Framework
The framework emphasizes the importance of using a holistic approach to support young children learning and development.
It believes that staying happiness is both a prerequisite and the result of learning.
Teaching Curriculum
According to Jean Piaget's Cognitive Development Stage Theory, and Gesell's Motor Milestone Children's Movement Development standard, BLL determined a scientific age-dividing class teaching plan, in order to offer the most age-appropriate learning experience to different age groups.
Teaching Methodology
*Personally designed child development plans
*Behaviour custom cultivation
*Learning assessment
*Learning through play
*Social interaction in mixed age groups
*Learning environment in Reggio style
Learning targets for BEIYIN babies at different stages
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BLL’s curriculum

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BLL`s Art Studio
Imagination will take you everywhere
                                    -- Einstein

BEIYIN believes that every child is born with the ability to express itself by creating art, and also have the ability to perceive the world through art. They could use the God-given gift to keep an open mind and to develop their creative abilities. The interaction between children and their world is more varied and complex than we ever imagined. Cultivating children’s abilities to explore, perceive and to express that are crucial for their future learning and development. We make efforts on creating and providing them with an open space to think freely. We encourage the children to explore with their five senses in this area. Therefore, we have built our art studio with adequate sunlight, a place especially for our young children.
Evaluation system
BLL’s CMLSE Evaluation Tool
The evaluation tool is mainly used to study the children’s comprehensive development both mentally and physically, which includes cognition, motor skills, language and social emotion. Our teachers collect the children’s data by observing in a daily basis in order to progress a multi-dimensional analysis. It lays a foundation for the children’s next stage learning and development.

BLL’s CLASS assessment system
The assessment system refers to the teacher’s emotional support, classroom organization and behavior management.