Intelligent BLL
Intelligent Management Standards
BLL`S CMLSE Child Development Assessment System
Based on four domains of the young children’s cognition, language, motor skills and social emotion development, our educators record the children’s learning and development with purpose by observing their interests in a daily basis. It also lays an effective foundation for the next stage of learning and development, we will eventually provide for our babies with a detailed growth report.

Digital video surveillance system
We advocate that solving the problem from the origin instead of monitoring.
However, 360° videotape without dead ends could help us better management.

Online curriculum reviewing system
Parents could use the APP to watch the course in real time or review after.

BLL and Home Co-Education system
The personalized dynamic display enables parents to literally “see” their children’s daily lives in BLL. Educators and parents could share the children’s photos and videos etc. The interaction between parents and educators could be boosted through sharing, praising and replying.
Intelligent Management
Supported by the largest family education digital platform in China, BLL developed its own intelligent management
Intelligent communication
BLL and Home connection
Parent committee
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