BLL’S Standards
The core spirit of an outstanding education is how to love children.

Teacher standards
Foreign teachers
Full-time English native speakers with the TESOL certificate

Chinese teachers
*With Bachelor degree or above, majoring in Early Childhood Education, Child Psychology, etc.
*Having many years of working experience in International kindergarten or nursery center.
*With Teacher Qualified Certificate, Taiwan Nursery Certificate, Orff Music Teaching Certificate, etc.
*Some of the educators have Victorian Registered Early Childhood Teacher Certificate

Further training and assessment
300 hours BLL’s Professional Training and practice assessment
Intensive Career Training at Melbourne ZOI Preschool Teachers College
BLL’s Six-graded Training System
BLL’s CLASS Teacher Evaluation System
Environmental Standards
Australian National Quality Standards
Conform to the National Quality Standard includes 7 quality areas that are important outcomes for children that is set by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).
Conform to relevant standards of Early Childhood Education set by Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE)

Safe material standards
Used safe and eco-friendly decoration materials with no formaldehyde.
Imported teaching resources and nursing supplies from Australia and Germany.

Clean Air Standards
24-hour cycled fresh air system
Medical level sterilizing system eliminated 99.9% in the average of the natural bacteria.
Dietary Standards
Strict selection of organic food and ingredients, New Zealand imported baby mineral water
Adhere to the most strict standards of food quality, keep our meal samples for 48 hours.
According to young children’s nutritional needs in different age groups, BLL’s healthy diets are designed by several famous child dietitians from UK, Australia, Taiwan, and China.
Child Care and Nursery Standards
Professional child health doctor, health physician and dietitian take the responsibilities to safeguard infants and toddlers’ health care and to meet their nutritional requirements.
Senior child-care teachers implement a range of standardized and all-round childcare, and also cultivate the young children’s healthy habits.

Feeding & diet: prepare milk power, make supplementary food, assist food-eating, eating independently
Cleaning & caring: brush teeth, wash hands and bath, baby massage, change diaper, toilet training
Safety & First Aid: disease prevention, wound care, Heimlich Maneuver, cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
Hygiene & Sterilization: environmental disinfection, air sterilization, articles and things sterilization, personnel sterilization